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We happily welcome new patients to our dental practice. To start your registration, you can use the button at the right of this page. After we have received your registration, we will contact you in order to make an appointment for the intake interview, but of course you can also call us directly to make an appointment.

With Dental Care Leiden you enjoy a personal approach. Good advice and the idea that you are in good hands when it comes to you and your teeth are part of this approach. Dental Care Leiden offers this in a homely atmosphere. You will experience our personal approach during the intake interview. This, after all, is where the relationship of trust between you and your dentist commences. During the interview your dentist would like to hear your ideas and wishes. Naturally, the dentist and the practice’s other staff will handle this information confidentially.

What else can you expect during the intake?

Together with the dentist you will discuss a list with questions about your general health that you have filled in beforehand. Subsequently we will take an overview picture in which all your teeth and roots, your jaw, and your jaw joints are visible. The dentist will use this picture to discuss your dental health with you.

Apart from the overview picture, the dentist makes use of two digital X-ray photographs, the so called bitewing radiographs. If you have pictures from your previous dentist you can take these with you. However, this pictures may not be older than two years. This way Dental Care Leiden can get a good idea about the current state of your teeth. Quality goes first!

It is important for us to know what expectations you have of your dentist and his team. Do you have specific wishes, or is there anything that your dentist needs to be aware of? We would like to know these things, so that we can offer you the best service every time you visit us.

One of the expectations we will meet by the end of your first visit is, if necessary and wanted, formulating a treatment plan. Based on the pictures and the first check-up, the dentis will make a diagnosis and set up a treatment plan with you. In the plan your dentist will clearly define which steps must be taken in order to get your teeth in good condition. But of course you remain in charge of your own smile. Therefore you decide which treatments are carried out and when. The dentist, however, will help you wherever necessary and can offer you good advice.

At Dental Care Leiden we find it important that you are not confronted with unpleasant surprises after treatment.


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