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Tartar removal

Because of the electrolytes present in the mouth, tartar (also called calculus) may form at the teeth, especially near the gums. The deposit of tartar may cause your gums to recede, and if the process continues, the bones that hold your teeth in place may be damaged, which will result in in your teeth coming loose. When your gums recede, sensitive root surfaces will be exposed. This will not only make your teeth look long and “old,” but it will also cause sensitivities, because the roots are no longer protected. Another unpleasant consequence of tartar deposit is a bad smell. Even if you don’t notice it yourself, people in your environment may.

Prevention is better than cure. That is why our dentist advise to remove tartar every time you visit for a check-up. If there is little tartar, this can be done directly during the check-up. If there is a lot of tartar, we may want to make another appointment to professionaly remove the deposit.

By having tartar removed in time, you can prevent long term damage to your teeth. Moreover, it can prevent you from smelling bad from your mouth.

At our dental practice you can also make a separate appointment for tartar removal without a regular (semi-annual) check-up.


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